Fennesz had a Deerhoof

Sufjan Stevens watched tv on the radion with radiohead, walkmen and decembrists. What do we mean by that?)  Today we present you the bands that made it 4 times to the Pitchfork top albums from 2000 to 2010! 

4 albums
Our forecast is that these artists have 40% probability to make it to the pitchfork top albums in 2011. Except for my beloved LCD Soundsystem because they went on hiatus.  So if you missed some of those albums or OMG even артистс then get back to your headphones, go to iTunes or Amazon (or anywhere else) buy the music and enjoy the best from the 2000s! 

Stay tuned and we will tell you which labels were the most fruitful during the beginning of the 21st century as based on the top albums from pitchfork.com! 

UPD: Decembrists and Radiohead made it again for sure! They are everywhere)