Hope for men

Hello guys!

Today we launch a new weekly column called "Hope for men". It will be about mannish tunes and lyrics and music with an Adam’s apple if you know what I mean.

Okay, first things first. The column is called after the second LP of one of my favorite bands Pissed Jeans, so let's talk about this album.
On the cover we see two men embracing each other. No homo, even considering the fact that they are both half-naked. This is just a great illustration of a men-to-men relationship, the kind of relationship that guys don’t show in front of women. It’s all about friendship, understanding and care.

The music might sound too noisy (It’s noise-punk after all), but if you can dig through that wall of annoying sound, you will find a lot of tenderness and beauty. Basically this music is a metaphor for men, who seem scruffy and rude on the outside, but are tender and cozy on the inside. Girls, you can learn a lot from this.
Here are the best tracks from this album:

Hope you'll like it
Cheers mates!