DANCE, sucker, DANCE

Today we will remind you how dancing can be fun! Mi piace ballare! Я люблю танцевать! Mən rəqs sevgi! Ik ben dol op dansen! Îmi place să dansez! Ich liebe es zu tanzen! Man patinka šokti!
אני אוהבת לרקוד!

Sonic Youth - Kool Thing ( in Hal Hartley's movie "Simple Men")

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Playing with symbols from the history of rock

Fennesz had a Deerhoof

Sufjan Stevens watched tv on the radion with radiohead, walkmen and decembrists. What do we mean by that?)  Today we present you the bands that made it 4 times to the Pitchfork top albums from 2000 to 2010! 

4 albums
Our forecast is that these artists have 40% probability to make it to the pitchfork top albums in 2011. Except for my beloved LCD Soundsystem because they went on hiatus.  So if you missed some of those albums or OMG even артистс then get back to your headphones, go to iTunes or Amazon (or anywhere else) buy the music and enjoy the best from the 2000s! 

Stay tuned and we will tell you which labels were the most fruitful during the beginning of the 21st century as based on the top albums from! 

UPD: Decembrists and Radiohead made it again for sure! They are everywhere)

Pitchfork Top Albums Analysis

Well, our analysis showed that these artists 5 times brought great joy to the pitchfork editors and made it to their top albums.
Our forecast is that both artists have 50% probability to make it to the pitchfork top albums in 2011. Stay tuned! We KNOW the probable future )

Hope for men

Hello guys!

Today we launch a new weekly column called "Hope for men". It will be about mannish tunes and lyrics and music with an Adam’s apple if you know what I mean.

Okay, first things first. The column is called after the second LP of one of my favorite bands Pissed Jeans, so let's talk about this album.
On the cover we see two men embracing each other. No homo, even considering the fact that they are both half-naked. This is just a great illustration of a men-to-men relationship, the kind of relationship that guys don’t show in front of women. It’s all about friendship, understanding and care.

The music might sound too noisy (It’s noise-punk after all), but if you can dig through that wall of annoying sound, you will find a lot of tenderness and beauty. Basically this music is a metaphor for men, who seem scruffy and rude on the outside, but are tender and cozy on the inside. Girls, you can learn a lot from this.
Here are the best tracks from this album:

Hope you'll like it
Cheers mates!

Song of the day

Midnight City by M83

Pompeya - Tropical (8/10)

Well, I just like it. A lot)
I like the artwork, i like synths, i like the blues in Sova's voice, i like their facebook page.
I really like that they are trying to keep a little bit of sunshine in the times that aren't really so bright in Moscow and in Russia. I cannot say that the album is one of the best that I've heard in my life. But I can say for sure that it is a well built pop album with nice catchy tunes where blues mixes with funk and drives you to some calm places inside your own head with it's tropical flavours. Definitely give it a try!

Notable songs:
Chineese, Sister, Tropical